How to buy your next home

What if you had to buy a house?

You’d have to do a bit of searching, but you’d find a few options.

Here are some options.

What you need to know about buying a home: You can start looking at a few properties, and some will be more suitable than others.

What to expect When you buy a home, you’ll be asked a number of questions.

This is called a pre-qualification survey, and it’s meant to help you narrow down what you want and what you might be able to afford.

These are the types of questions you’ll find on your home’s title and contact details: What type of property do you want to buy?

Are you willing to pay more than your market value?

Will you be living in the house for at least three years?

Is it safe?

Is there a mortgage you can borrow?

Do you want an extra bedroom or a basement?

Do I need a garden or patio?

How much do you expect to spend on the property?

Are there any extras you might need, such as a garage?

Is this property suitable for your needs?

Do the houses in your area have a history of flooding?

Are the water problems well documented?

How long will it take to renovate?

Will the house be suitable for a child living there?

What kind of house do you need?

What sort of job do you have?

Do other people live in your house?

Do they need help?

Do your neighbours live in the home?

Are they able to work from home?

Will your neighbours be able help?

Are your neighbours happy to help?

Does your local council have a council housing committee?

Does it have a website?

Do neighbours know about the property they live in?

Are neighbours being offered incentives?

Are council and council housing committees involved in planning and managing the property’s properties?

What happens if the property is sold?

Can it be returned?

Are any of the people who live in a property eligible to rent it?

How can you find out about the council housing process?

What are the council’s obligations if you don’t get your house back?

Do people know about it?

Are councils obliged to provide a housing benefit to anyone living in their property?

Does the council know about all of the issues around housing and homelessness?

Are residents aware of the councils decisions?

Is the council responsible for dealing with issues relating to the development of the properties?

Is everyone on the council website?

Can you get the information about the planning process on the local council website, or on their website?

How does the council keep records of its housing and housing benefit payments?

Is anyone able to sign a contract for the right to live in their house?

What is the council doing about homelessness?

Is council aware of all the issues relating, for example, to the use of drugs?

What should you do if you’re not satisfied with your housing decision?

What does the housing and welfare services do if your property is not being kept up to date?

Do all residents get the same rates of housing benefit?

Can housing benefit be applied for?

How are councils funded?

What’s the housing benefit system?

What advice does the local government have about the housing benefits system?

Where is your council funding coming from?

Does a council need a separate housing benefit fund?

What will happen if you want your house returned?

Does local council housing benefit have a review board?

What other advice do the local councils have?

Does there a housing and social housing benefit office?

How many people live there?

Is your local housing council in a local authority?

Do residents have to pay their council tax?

Is a council tax contribution deductible?

What about council housing benefits?

Are people eligible to apply for housing benefit and housing benefits benefits?

How do they work?

What can be done if you are not happy with the decision you have made?

What if the council is unable to provide information about a decision?

Does anyone on the housing council have an employment history?

Does someone with a history have to complete a job interview?

Do council housing advisers have to report on the work they do?

What do council housing adviser jobs mean?

Is one on offer for every council?

How often do council house residents have interviews?

Is someone appointed to a job?

Is staff on staff?

What services does the area council provide?

Do councils offer any support for housing?

Do local councils pay housing benefit for council residents?

Does housing benefit need to be paid for in cash?

Is money paid from the council to council tax a way to ensure housing benefit is available to all people in the area?

Does council housing pay for housing benefits for children and other vulnerable people?

Is housing benefit a benefit?

Is funding from council tax paid for by the council?

Is that a way for council to fund the housing?

Does money paid by council tax for council housing be a way of ensuring it is spent on housing?

Is you a council employee?

Does working for the council mean you are entitled to council housing and council benefits?

Does you have to

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