How to get your passport back after your bank card is stolen

If you’re looking for a way to get passport back from a bank account that’s been stolen, it may be difficult to do it without paying a hefty fee.

The fees can be up to $500, but you may have to pay extra if you don’t have a government-issued ID.

If you are charged an excessive amount of fees, you can always go to a bank that provides the ID, but some banks do not offer this option.

Here’s how to pay your Visa and MasterCard debit card fees without breaking the bank’s rules.


Register at your local bank.

It’s best to register at your bank’s branch.

Make sure you check the bank to make sure it’s in your region.

The bank will often ask you to provide your bank account number and password.


Check your bank statement.

If your bank hasn’t changed your account number or password, you should check the account statement to see if the bank has changed your payment card information.

If it doesn’t, contact your bank and ask for your account to be re-authorized.

If the account hasn’t been re-activated, contact the bank and tell them you have a problem with the account.

Your bank will usually give you more information on the issue.


Make a report.

This is easy.

You should have a copy of your bank statements, which is usually stored on a hard drive in your computer.

If not, you may need to write a report of your transaction to your bank.

Make note of the following: the date and time your transaction was made, the amount of money transferred, the date of your last withdrawal or deposit and your name and contact information.

You may need a copy if your transaction has been in progress for a while.

The more recent transaction, the more accurate your report will be. 4.

Call your bank or your card issuer.

Your local bank should have the following information on file: your credit card number, the name and address of the card issuer, and your account name.

Your card issuer should have your debit card number and account number on file as well.

If none of the above is available, call your bank directly to get this information.


Check the bank statement for the most recent transaction.

Check to see what your transaction looked like.

If all of your transactions have been reported, your report should look something like this: $1,000.00 Transaction: $50.00 Balance: $20.00 Transfer: $5.00 Deposit: $0.00 Amount: $10.00 6.

Make an appointment with the bank.

Ask your bank to meet with you in person at the branch where your account was originally opened to discuss the situation.

The manager may need your bank information and will contact you via phone or email to resolve your problem.


Pay the outstanding amount with a credit card.

If there are no charges to the account, ask your bank for a credit or debit card.

Ask for the transaction to be paid in full.

The credit card company may need some additional information to help determine if it is appropriate for your situation.


Report your transaction.

If a customer service representative is unable to resolve the problem, you might need to file a complaint with your local police.

Your report will then be forwarded to the bank, who will be responsible for investigating your complaint.


Report any suspicious activity.

If someone attempts to steal your card, report the suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

If they find any illegal activity, they will also contact your local state or federal authorities.

You can contact your state police or local federal agency directly if you’re in Canada or the United States.

You will need to provide them with the details of the transaction, but they will usually be able to assist.


Contact your bank if you think you may be at risk of fraud.

Contact the bank directly.

It may take several months before the bank will be able be notified if there’s been any change in the bank account details.


Make arrangements with the credit card issuer to make the transaction refundable.

You might need a new bank card or cardholder identification.

If no new bank cards or identification are available, you’ll need to make arrangements with your bank, if possible.

This will likely cost more money and delay your refund.

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